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*Burn *Cleanse *Energize *Restore

Fat Burning Lemonade in a nut shell

  • Supports the body to turn fat into energy

  • Therefore transporting fatty acids enhancing metabolism

  • Excellent to use during exercise, energize every workout

  • Therefore enhancing fat oxidation promoting energy

  • As an antioxidant & free radical scavenger

  • Zero  effect on insulin

  • Ideal for SUGAR-FREE and LOW CARB diets

  • Pleasant, Cooling Sweetness with Natural Lemon flavor

Fat Burning lemonade is the synergistic effect from the following criteria.

Acetyl L-Carnitine promotes energy production by enhancing fat oxidation in the cell mitochondria, which means it helps you more efficiently burn fat.  D-ribose helps your body to produce more energy by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.

By having more energy to expend (d-ribose) and being able to burn fat more efficiently (l-carnitine); your workouts will be at their peak level, recovery will be quick, and fat consumption as fuel will be optimal.

The information below is for educational purposes.  Please read on to understand how our Fat Burning Lemonade provides the very best nutritional support so that you can perform at the highest level and achieve all your wellness goals.

Acetyl L-carnitine is largely known and used as a natural method for weight loss since it makes the burning of fat possible at much higher speeds. In the same manner, carnitine is used to improve heart health and in treating and managing angina, arrhythmias and other heart illnesses. It is also used by athletes to strengthen sports endurance. Increasing carnitine intake is the most natural way to lose weight, because carnitine picks up fat and puts it exactly in the part of the cell where it is burned as energy without causing any side effects. This is backed by scientific proof which demonstrated that increased levels of carnitine lead to increased fat loss. Carnitine also aids in increasing the metabolic rate without compromising muscle tissue. This is crucial, because muscle tissue is where most of the fat burning happens. Carnitine is also beneficial in eliminating cravings and increasing the amount of energy you have to exercise, both of which are very important factors to consider for those who need to lose weight.


Want to know more about L-Carnitine?
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One of the key functions of L-Carnitine supplement is for fatty acid oxidation, which in turn help users burn unwanted body fat. Fatty acids are among the primary energy sources the body uses and oxidation is the process by which they're broken down to create energy. The fatty acids cannot penetrate the inner mitochondria membrane (where they are burned for energy), and the key role for L-Carnitine is to transport fatty acids across the mitochondria membrane to allow for oxidation of the fats. Anyone serious on significantly lowering their body fat will want to ensure they have optimal levels of carnitine on a daily basis, because carnitine helps carry fat from fat cells to the mitochondria of muscle cells to be converted to energy. With respect to this, it is hard to imagine how a weight loss program of any kind could ever be effective with a deficiency of carnitine .

D-Ribose, is a simple 5-carbon monosaccharide which is an essential building block of DNA, RNA, certain vitamins and other cellular compounds.  Ribose synthesizes adenine nucleotides which are required by heart, muscle and other tissue to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary source of energy used by all cells to maintain normal health and function.  Use ribose to replenish these nucleotides during disease or strenuous physical activity when the level of energy available to the cell is compromised. It is ideal for athletes, weekend warriors, patients with cardiovascular weaknesses, poor circulation, ischemia, and those with any type of energy deficits.


Want to know more about D-Ribose? 
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D-Ribose supplementation will help you get the energy you need to be able to work out longer and more frequently,. Also  you will recover sooner from intense workouts, making any fitness regimen or training program more bearable and sustainable. Additionally, research over the past 25 years has confirmed that ribose stimulates and promotes energy recovery in cardiac muscle (heart tissue) after periods of restricted blood flow. Rigorous testing in  human studies have shown time and time again that supplementation of ribose restores intracellular energy levels in the cardiac muscle tissue and helps maintain healthy heart function.

D-Ribose also aids in appetite suppression, increases the body's energy level and promotes mental health. It is perfect for weight loss because it helps shorten recovery time between workouts thus, allowing those on a weight loss program to work out more often and more effectively. D-Ribose Powder supplement was initially formulated for athletes but it has also been recommended for the rest of the population regardless of age, gender and fitness level. D Ribose is said to be beneficial to those who have suffered a heart attack, have fibromyalgia, and for those suffering from chronic fatigue. It is also said to be good for overall muscle health.

*Reminder : Both D-ribose and L carnitine get produced naturally in the body.


Stevia Extract

Known by the official taxonomy name of  “Stevia Rebaudiana”, stevia is a herb in the chrysanthemum and daisy family that grows naturally as a small shrub in parts of South America. The green leaves of this plant contain large amounts of steviosides which account for its incredible sweetness

What is Stevia used for and why is it so good for us ?

Stevia is used where a natural herbal sweetening agent is desired without calories or blood sugar effect. This means anyone trying to avoid sugar, hypoglycemics, diabetics, dieters, over-active children, and any other person or group concerned about the over use of sugar in today's diets and prepared foods.

Because the human body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides (they pass right through the normal elimination channels) from the leaf or any of its processed forms, the body obtains no calories from Stevia.

Stevia has no calories, does not affect blood sugar (zero glycemic index) and is safe for those with blood sugar swings, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and diabetes. An important benefit for hypoglycemics is Stevia's tonic action which enhances increased energy levels and mental acuity.

Stevia is an exceptional aid in weight loss and weight management because it contains no calories and reduces one's craving for sweets and fatty foods. Preliminary research data indicates that Stevia may actually reset the hunger mechanism in people where the pathway between the hypothalamus and the stomach has become obstructed. If so, Stevia would help people to feel satiated sooner, helping them to eat less. Other benefits of adding Stevia to the daily diet include improved digestion and gastrointestinal function, soothed upset stomachs and quicker recovery from minor illness.

Studies have also indicated that Stevia tends to lower elevated blood pressure but does not seem to affect normal blood pressure. It also inhibits the growth and reproduction of some bacteria and other infectious organisms, including the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. This may help explain why users of Stevia enhanced products like the Fat Burning Lemonade report a lower incidence of colds and flu’s.

How to Take Fat Burning Lemonade and
Maximize your benefits !

In general, L-Carnitine will be absorbed faster and with higher peak plasma when ingested on an empty stomach, because it does not compete for absorption with other amino acids or peptides. When taken on an empty stomach, plasma levels of carnitine will remain elevated for 3-4 hours. If high blood concentrations throughout 24 hrs are desired, carnitine should be taken multiple times per day in doses of 1-2 g, for example first thing in the morning and around 2-3 hrs after any meal or snack. It is not recommended late in the day due to its energizing effect. Do not take too much too fast, or it may have a laxative effect.

Fat Burning Lemonade would be especially useful to take right before exercise, for both resistance and endurance training. When taken with meals, it will achieve a lower but more prolonged elevated plasma level, about 7-8 hours, supporting at first the metabolism of the fat ingested with meals and subsequently that of the fat released from the adipose tissue.

 It’s important to keep in mind that when consuming an excessively high carbohydrate diet, fat release from the adipose tissue is impaired by high levels of insulin. In this case, fat cannot be transported into the mitochondria with the help of carnitine and burned, because it does not have a chance to get in the bloodstream in the first place. The only benefit that L-carnitine can have in this case, would be to support the transport of the fat absorbed from the meals into the mitochondria for burning. As a result, carnitine may reduce the chance of gaining body fat, during a diet high in carbohydrates and fat, but fat loss is very unlikely in this metabolic situation.

* So, in order to maximize fat loss and benefit from Fat Burning Lemonade, the amount of daily carbohydrate intake should be adjusted to match general activity levels and exercise type and duration.

Recommended Dosage

Adults only.  Two servings daily.  Holistify® Fat Burning Lemonade™ is more effective on a empty stomach just prior to and/or during exercise. On sedentary days Holistify® Fat Burning Lemonade™ is more effective 2 hours after meal to assist the body with fat utilization. Optional: mix with sparkling water and fresh lemon if possible.

Recommended Use 

Holistify® Fat Burning Lemonade™ is a pharmaceutical superior grade amino acid complex, the body uses to turn fat into energy. As a dietary supplement, take one teaspoon (3 grams) with 4 to 6oz. of water per day or as directed by your health care practitioner. * You can also make your own “Master Cleanser Energy Aide”.  Acetyl L-Carnitine , Bio Energy D-ribose , and Stevia Extract are the purest and highest quality forms available.

Remember before you train have a serving of my FBL in 4 to 6 ounces of water to turbo charge your workout.

If your going on a hike , running errands ,working in the garden, or even working behind the bar, simply make a big batch of FBL in 32 ounces of water. Add a couple servings with a  fresh squeezed lemon and rock on with your bad self. You will have a skip to your step and burn burn burn all day long. You can even add a little fresh ginger or even a shake of cayenne pepper for immunity and cleansing enhancement.

Another secret star tip:

If you are going to a dinner party and a big meal looks unavoidable, have a shot of FBL before you leave the house and it will literally help breakdown and metabolize your meal and evening ahead. It is truly an amazing supplement.

Enjoy !


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 teaspoon (3.1 grams)

Servings Per Container 33

                          Amount Per Serving

Acetyl L-Carnitine   1000 mg*

 D-Ribose             2000 mg*

Stevia Extract       100 mg*       

*Daily Value not established.


This product does not contain wheat, yeast, soy protein, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives.  Please keep your product tightly closed.




These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease or replace a balanced diet.

Consult your doctor before starting any diet program.


The Best Recipe for Holistify® Fat Burning Lemonade™
* The Master Cleanser Energy Aide


2 scoops (6 g) Holistify® Fat Burning Lemonade™

32 ounces of Spring Water

1 pinch cayenne pepper

Juice of one Lemon

Drink 8 ounces on rising and sip the remainder all day long